Not Macabre…

For some reason I’m really drawn to animal skulls (no pun intended).  I like the idea of capturing what’s beneath the fur and trying to equal the detail and feeling but without all of the living expressiveness.  Skulls have become an obvious symbol of death and are almost always portrayed in a way that’s macabre.  This drawing is meant to be anything but.

Pen and ink, brush and ink, colored pencil on smooth Bristol.  Price: $850
Pen and ink, brush and ink, colored pencil on smooth Bristol.
Price: $850

I had this image (a bovine skull) and another (a Scottish Highland cow skull) on display at a recent show I did.  As expected, these two images got little if any attention.  People are understandably more drawn to textures and depth of the “living” animals.  This one is a little harder to digest–there’s a lot of symbolism first of all, and secondly the skull stands in obvious and immediate contrast to most of my other work.  Maybe it’s an effort to reclaim the skull not as a symbol of death and foreboding, but rather as a symbol of strength–the vessel that contains our sentience.  And that’s what this series is about.  That’s all I’ll say, I think the rest should be left up to the viewer’s interpretation.  As time allows I’ll continue this series, documenting the interconnectedness of man, animal and nature.

Title: “The Beauty Within: Part 1″

Medium: Pen and Ink on 14″ x 17” smooth Bristol


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