Officially on Display at Rock Art Brewery!

Dropped off a few pieces at Rock Art Brewery yesterday, very excited about this.  Huge thanks to Renee and Erin for hooking me up with some prime wall space.  If you’ve never been to Rock Art, or sampled some of their fine products, you should do both.  The brewery is quintessentially Vermont, and the beer is quintessentially awesome.  I got hooked on their Barley Wine a few years back when we came to VT for a visit.  Rock Art made national news a few years ago when they got tangled up in a law suit with Monster Energy drink over their beer, Vermonster.  Thankfully, common sense prevailed, which seems like an all-too-uncommon occurrence these days.  Read the story here.


So if you’re in the neighborhood, check out the tasting room, fill up a growler, and buy a print or two.

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