RL Photo First Friday Creative Competition Recap

Man, what an awesome event.  RL Photo is a photo studio in Burlington that puts on a peer-judged art show each month, allowing local artists to showcase their work in a low-stress environment with the winner taking home the entry fees as a prize.  Free libations from Magic Hat and complementary chocolate from Champlain Chocolates added to the already sweet environment (no pun intended).  We met a ton of really cool people, got to hob knob with some other artists and of course, check out some really cool art.

So I did this piece over the last few weeks with the sole intention of entering it into this show.  Thought I’d do something a bit different just to switch things up.  I didn’t win (didn’t even place) but still had a blast.  It was a trip to see actually see my stuff hanging on the wall in a gallery next to some truly badass artwork.  I think I’ll try again next month with something a bit more traditional just to see how that fares.  Check out some pics of the show below…IMG_0270

IMG_0272  IMG_0269 IMG_0268

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